Civil blasting, Surface blasting and Quarry blasting


Domino Blasting Group of Companies prides itself on a rich history where we started very small, and was built up systematically to the point where we have successfully completed large National and International projects over the past 14 years and subsequently successfully integrated Blasting Equalizers (BBBEE Level 2) into our stable during 2018.

We are able to handle work in extreme demanding environments where we have successfully completed projects in Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Swaziland as well other remote locations. Our success lies in our “hands-on approach” performed by highly qualified professional teams who’s experience spans decades.

Vision Statement

Blasting Equalizers aspires to become the preferred Drilling and Blasting Company in Africa, conducting our business in an ethical and professional manner, building sustainable relationships with our valued clients along the way. We are expanding our operations by establishing satellite offices at various locations in Africa, and currently in the final stages of establishing Domino Blasting Australia.

As a Blasting professional, you:

  • examine impact territories to decide the measure of explosives required and where to put them
  • place explosives and append detonators
  • oversee the blast and ensure all explosives have exploded
  • fill impact openings with explosives and explode them to unstick coal, metal, shake, or total, or to decimate structures.
  • are utilized by development, mining, and penetrating and impacting organizations.
  • will concentrate on three sorts of unstable cuts, and fuse an extensive variety of aptitudes in science, arithmetic, and correspondences.

Why stress over Safe Blasting?

  • Low Impact – By utilizing deterrent controls as a part of high touchy explosions or by utilizing non-unstable cartridges, encompassing operations can in any case securely occur in genuinely nearness (contingent on the territory and technique utilized) to the impacting operations.
  • Mobility – By utilizing profoundly versatile yet precise penetrating groups and bore rigs, hard to achieve regions can be effortlessly gotten to, bored and impacted.
  • Drilling Accuracy – By utilizing exact boring apparatuses and gifted penetrating groups the boring of impact or split gaps will be precise and predictable, which will incredibly impact the ideal impacting result.


  • In our company we have a combined experience of over 70 years in the drilling and blasting environment.

Our years of specialist experience qualifies us!

We will tailor solutions according to your unique circumstances.